The Ultimate guide to GDPR for bloggers

It’s officially May and you know what that means: GDPR month! Now I must admit that this has come around far too quickly for my liking (although don’t panic, you’ve got until the 25th May!) However, I also think that this is going to be such an adjustment for everyone; we’re all in the same boat and I’m hopeful that when it comes to GDPR for bloggers, we aren’t going to be first on their hit-list (mainly because none of us has the 20 million euros to pay the fine!)

If you’ve not heard the term, GDPR is all about data protection and how we handle and use the data we get from our readers. Where does GDPR for bloggers come in? Well, most of us bloggers aren’t handling reams and reams of data but we do deal with comments on our blog, running a newsletter and more.

Therefore, it is super important that we do our reading too! I’ll be honest, I had initially hoped for this post to get a lawyer to answer all of your in-depth questions about GDPR. But what do you know, I struggled to find one who understood GDPR for bloggers and not huge companies: which again suggests, no one is really quite sure what it actually means for us lot yet!

I didn’t want to pretend I was an expert, but I have been doing a  LOT of reading and googling to find all sorts of amazing, useful resources. Rather than inventing the wheel to create one of my own, I thought I’d combine them here in one po st:your ultimate reading list for GDPR!

Lets talk about GDPR for bloggers- tips to follow, understanding GDPR for bloggers and more!


GDPR for bloggers: where to begin?

1.Start by taking this quiz to see if you need to register with The ICO (InformatiCommissioner’s Office). It only takes about five minutes and it’s very straightforward. Let me know what you get- if it’s a yes, then it costs £35 to register (but you should be able to claim this as a tax-deductible expense-more on expenses and taxes here )

2.Now have a listen to this podcast with a GDPR expert; there are some quick and easy actionable steps you can take today!

3. Use MailChimp? read this guidance  (they’re making it super-easy and embedding lots into their forms. Remember if you’ve already used a double opt-in (e.g. they have to fill in the form and confirm via email) and made your users explicitly clear that they will be signed up to your newsletter; then you don’t need to necessarily start again with your list! MailChimp has new GDPR complaint templates you can use too.

4.Read this simple 10 step overview by Tots 100 (very reassuring and calming! This is one of the more straight-forward articles I’ve read.

GDPR for bloggers: developing your understanding

5.Read this more in-depth guide by The Intolerant Gourmand whose attended GDPR training and goes into more detail about what is required.

6.Consider a specific GDPR plug-in (there are a whole range on the WordPress site that offer to help with compliance). This one looks very thorough and I’ve just downloaded it-but to be honest, I don’t fully understand how it works yet; so I’ll update you!

7.Once you’ve read up on things, this post by Jenny Marie is also a great actionable read. It talks through setting up your privacy policy; planning for a security breach and more.

8. Explore this infographic by the European Commission.

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  1. May 2, 2018 / 12:27 pm

    Thank you for this. I have to say I’m struggling with GDPR and even with the quick test I’m unsure of a couple of the answer so it isn’t clear if I have to register or not. Apparently you can voluntarily register so better to be safe that sorry I guess. I wish they listed blogger as an industry though as it means selecting ‘other’ as usual! I’m now off to listen to the podcast.

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