18 blog posts to help you earn from your blog

Happy Monday. If you’re anything like me, you might feel things are still SLOOOOW! Yep, I admit that I still am in ‘refresh’ mode at the moment; wondering where all my exciting emails are gone. T

his is why I’m very glad I’m not ‘just’ a full-time blogger (I don’t use ‘just’ as a suggestion that it’s easy or simple by the way!) and I have a few different ways of bringing in an income.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, I thought I’d share a mega list of useful posts to get reading in the meantime (Some my own, some from my favourite bloggers but all from the UK). Whether you’re looking for tips on sponsored posts, ebooks, affiliate marketing, copywriting or more-here’s 18 blog posts that’ll help you earn money from your blog.

1. My 7 Blogging Income Streams by The Bloglancer

2. Can you Really Pay Off Debts by Blogging? by From Pennies to Pounds

3. How bloggers can best work with PRs and brands. by Productive Blogging

4. How to create your first paid download by The Bloglancer

5.My Guide to Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing by Emma Drew

6. How I Turned My Blog Into A Job by The Bloglancer

7.  How much do bloggers charge for sponsored posts? by The Bloglancer

8. How to make money blogging with under 10k followers by Reinventing Neesha

9. 8 Freelance Writing Job Boards For Finding Paying Clients by Ruth Makes Money

10. How to become a highly paid copywriter by The Bloglancer

11. How to make money from your blog with products and services by Productive Blogging

12. How to survive the quiet months of blogging by Emma Drew

13. How to go from blogger to freelance writer by The Bloglancer

14. 10 reasons why you’re not getting paid blogging work by The Bloglancer

15. How to earn a passive income through Mediavine by Emma Drew

16. How to get work on Instagram by The Little Plantation

17. How to write persuasive pitch emails as an Influencer by Me and Orla

18. How to work with brands on Gift Guides: Interview with Prezzy Box by The Bloglancer

I hope this list is useful and helps you feel productive this Monday! Let me know which post you found the most useful below!

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