Hi everyone! Today’s the day: I’ve finally managed to make sense of, and write about, my sponsored post survey!

One of my most popular posts is: ‘How much should I charge for sponsored posts?’  And whilst this is still a useful post that breaks down the key things a brand might be looking for; how to create different package costs and work out a fee right for you; lots of you still ask me about the specifics. So I decided to create a survey that answered questions such as: how much should I charge for a sponsored blog? what about sponsored social posts? and how much should you charge for guest posts, use of images and giveaways?

In honesty, not as many bloggers filled this out as I would have liked-meaning some of the answers are all over the place. Around 100 bloggers filled this out- and I’m also conscious that those who are super-confident about their fees might not have bothered to take part (since it’s not something they’d need to find the answers too).

On the whole, the results are lower than expected too. I’ve noticed this in other blogger surveys and whilst it’s never in my interest to discourage bloggers from aiming high; many of you asked to see this and I had to publish the results as is.

Starting with the blogger basics

  • 66% of bloggers allow paid for follow-links on their blog. With 38% of those surveyed saying they charge more for follower links and the other 28% admitting to using them all the time and not charging anything extra.
  • 22.7% of bloggers charge for giveaways. 49.4% ask for a product and 23% just do it for the traffic.
  • 50% of bloggers give brands full rights to their images; whilst a further 50% charge an additional fee.

What to charge for guest posts depending on domain authority?

I was hoping these results would be clearer- but it does show that no one is sure what to charge. Take comfort in the highest bands as these show it is possible to be paid this for that DA.

  • Domain authority between 0-13 75% charge less than £30 and 25% charge up to £50.
  • Domain authority between 14-19 is not so helpful-; there’s an equal split between less than £30, £71 – £80, more than £100 I personally think the £71-80 is the best fit for this DA but £100 is definitely possible.
  • Domain authority between 20-25; most bloggers charge £51 – £100. This shows if you’re DA is 20+, set yourself a minimum of £50 as payment.
  • Domain authority 26-30 was mainly split between £51 – £80. Again suggesting £50 is a good minimum but surprised this wasn’t higher- and as someone with a DA of 26 over on A Balanced Belly, my last two SEO campaigns have been around the £150 mark.
  • Domain authority 31-35 – £81 – £150. The range of responses meant there was no one answer but all who filled it out earnt between those two figures.
  • Domain authority 36-40 – £91 – £120. A smaller range shows that you should be charging at least £100 if your DA Is 36+ However, again, if I was you, I’d be charging more!
  • Domain authority 40+ Not many bloggers filled this one out; but the lowest response was £60 and the highest was £250.

How much should I charge for a sponsored post depending on my page views?

The next thing I asked you all to do was to tell me your prices depending on how many page views you received per month. This type of statistic is more important to PR and brand campaigns than it is SEO ones, and it is not always linked to your DA.

  • Monthly page views under 1000 charged less than £30.
  • Monthly page views between 1k – 3k the majority charged between £51 – 60. However, one or two bloggers in this category, charged between £100-150.
  • Monthly page views between 3001 – 5000 the majority charged £71-80. The highest price in this page view range was £200.
  • Monthly page views 5001 -7000. This was evenly split between £91-100 and £150-200.
  • Monthly page views 7001-10,000; The two most popular options were £71-80 and £81-90. But four bloggers said they charged more than £250, with another charging £150-200.
  • Monthly page views 10000 to 15,000. 40% of you charged more than £250. The other 40% charged between £91-100 
  • I’m afraid 15-000-20,000 views isn’t helpful at all. Here’s what it looks like and make of it what you will!
    • 10% £61-70
    • 20% – £91 – £100
    • 20% – £125 – £150
    • 20% – £150 – £200
    • 10% – £200 – £300
    • 20% more than £300

I hope the 50% who are charging less than £150  are reading this. If so: up your prices sharpish!

  • Monthly page views 20,000-30,000. The two most popular answers were £125-150 and £200-250
  • Monthly page views 30,000-50,000. Most bloggers charged between £250-300
  • Monthly page views of more than 50,000. The average price was £300-400 with the highest price being more than £750

How much do you charge for sponsored Instagram posts?

Instagram is a bit of a tricky beast, so let’s see if we can make sense of it here.

< 1k = Most don’t charge. Those who do, charge less than £50

< 2k = Most charge up to £50 or don’t charge at all.

3-4k =Similar to above. Most popular was don’t charge or less than £50. The highest answer was £100-125

5k – 7k =Most bloggers fell into two categories: £75-100 or £100-150

7- 10k  = Bit confused by this one! 40% up to £50 and 20% don’t charge at all. The highest someone charged was £75-100

10k – 15k= Most charged £100-125. The highest price in this category was £200.

15k – 20k = No response unfortunately.

20k – 30k= The most popular price was £150

30k+  This was 50/50. 50% of people charged £250-300 and the other 50% charged more than £500.

Whose feeling clear and whose more confused than ever? This certainly demonstrates the need to talk about this kind of thing but on the whole, I think there are lots of positive takeaways. There’s plenty of us charging too little but some of us are reaching for the sky and paving the way to show bloggers than proper pay is possible!

I hope you found this post helpful.If you’re struggling still- don’t forget to check out my Pitching Toolkit which comes with a separate section on creating your own payment packages for working with brands.

Need some more help?

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21 comments on “How Much Do Bloggers Charge For Sponsored Posts?”

  1. Thank you – this is such a good break down! It is so hard to find posts about this that are honest and actually break down the charges the way they say they do in the headline.

  2. It’s so hard pricing yourself because you don’t want to price yourself out from working with PR companies that may offer you more work in the future. But then I do find myself contributing to accepting the lower than average payment for blog posts…

    • It definitely is! But most PRs won’t blacklist you for offering a decent price-they’ll expect you to negotiate.

  3. I cam across this post after being contacted by a PR company to ask for my rates and realising that I had never given it much thought! I was worried that I was overcharging, but your survey suggests that actually I was very much underestimating my worth!

  4. Thank you very interesting- I think it does also depend what you are blogging about and who you are hoping to get paid by. I’m sure some industries have more cash to flash than others! I will certainly try to value myself more now.

  5. This is really dangerous advice you are giving your readers. Google are very clear that accepting payment for guest posts that are passing pagerank is against their guidelines: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2604774?hl=en It’s only a matter of time before bloggers find that their sites are being deindexed as a result.

    There seems to be a lot of misinformation and uneducated opinions around this topic which is going to cost a lot of people their businesses just like the last few Google updates have.

  6. Thanks for addressing these topic with a lot of scenarios, but you haven’t mentioned Page Authority and MozRank, or can these two metrics be ignored?


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