10 Reasons Why I Am Not Joining Vero (And The Bloggers Who Agree With Me)

So you might have seen the new social media app that suddenly went crazy recently is Vero. I woke up one day and my twitter timeline was FULL of bloggers saying they had joined and to go follow them.

My first instinct, was just NO. But that’s pretty normal: if a bunch of big bloggers tell me to do something; I’ll pretty much do the opposite (see my terribly curated Instagram feed or the fact I think most blogging awards are shit).


However, once I did a little more reading; it became apparent that 99% of people we’re only joining because they were terrified of it being the next big thing. Yes, it’s annoying that nobody sees our Instagram content anymore- but if you genuinely think Vero is going to replace Instagram, I think you’re mistaken.

Why? Because the average Instagram user isn’t doing ‘paid collabs with #partner #spon (apparently no one there is capable of using the word ‘ad’ anymore). They’re posting pictures of their dog and their cocktails on a Saturday night (to be fair, that’s pretty much all I do too).

66 likes! I have over 4000 followers and only 66 people liked this post- she’s blind and was abandoned in China before I rescued her.She couldn’t walk before I had her as nobody had taught her- what more do people want from her! She should be famous. (Talking of instagram, I’ve just set up a new insta-account @thebloglancer ; specifically for blogging tips and making money-so do come and follow me!)

Anyway, as I was saying, I do get the frustration of blogger-folks BUT the average user that makes up the platform DOES not- they’re not too bothered if they only get 10 likes or their engagement is 0.05%. So even if every single blogger did jump ship- they really wouldn’t make such a difference in terms of numbers.

We’re all hopeful a new platform is going to come along and make us famous; but as a blogger, we need to diversify and chasing after the next big social media platform isn’t the answer. Anyway, it’s not just me who isn’t feeling it; I reached out to ten bloggers in my pitching and motivation for UK bloggers and asked for their thoughts…

Beky Morris (www.bekylou.com) –  ‘I honestly don’t care about the hype. I’ve been so over Instagram for ages and barely use twitter anymore. I blog and use social media for me more than anything now and struggle to keep up with those let alone adding in something else – and from what I’ve heard, their terms aren’t fab – not for me.’

Francesca Mason (frompenniestopounds.com) – ‘Heard bad things about the terms and the owner…and to be honest there are enough social media channels already to deal with alongside a blog! Willing to take the risk of missing out on this one!.’

Danielle Georgina Jones (tinytripping.com) – ‘I’ve joined through curiosity and I like that it doesn’t trim images, but I’ve read some sketchy articles about the owners. Not 100% sure to be honest.’

Kate Tunstall (Www.refinedprose.com) – ‘When I heard there was yet another platform my only thought was ‘eurghhh’. I already manage four (barely), and this feels like overkill. Besides which, I’ve heard negative things about its ethics. I will definitely be swerving.’

Laura Moore (mumoam.co.uk) – ‘I joined. Found it dull. Not nice to look at. And deleted my account 24 hours later.’

Candace Mantle (bucketsoftea.co.uk) – ‘I’ve registered an account just to get my blog name. I’m not impressed with the ethics behind the founder so haven’t done anything with it as too busy with everything else.’

Frances Taylor (whingewhingewine.co.uk) – ‘It’s glitchy as f**k. I wouldn’t bother!’.

Natalie Gardner – ‘I have enough keeping up with the social media I’m already on so it’s a no from me for now. Also heard some dodgy things like once you upload photos on there, they are free to use your content etc without asking so steering a little clear for now and will see what happens.’

Aimee Bradley – (dream1ncolour.com) – ‘First I thought great … then I looked into it and it’s a badly done platform and the man who owns it is very very shady which I find concerning. I have enough going on with all the other social media’s I’m running anyway.’

Lindy Hamilton – (lindyloves.co.uk) – ‘Like any new social media platform, I joined as soon as I was aware of it but since I joined I haven’t updated it. The app was very glitchy when I tried to use it and when I heard less than favourable things about the company owner so I chose to delete the app. Like any new social media platform, I joined as soon as I was aware of it but since joining I haven’t updated it. The app was very glitchy when I tried to use it and I heard less than favourable things about the company owner so I chose to delete it.’

Let me know your thoughts on Vero- will you be joining it? If you haven’t already- sign up to my blogging newsletter here, my facebook group for everything making money from your blog here and my new instagram account here.

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  1. March 12, 2018 / 6:42 pm

    Maybe it would be better for smaller bloggers as there aren’t as many people on it yet? Xx

  2. July 9, 2018 / 6:49 am

    I think heaps of people are downloading it right now. It’s an amazing way to connect with the people. I am also using Vero App.

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