How to get engagement on your facebook page

Facebook pages are something I hear lots of people moaning about lately. I’ve seen comments such as ‘Facebook pages are dead or the only way to get engagement is like for like threads.’ However, my reach on my facebook page often hits thousands, and tens of thousands at times; despite having just shy of 5000 followers.

A few months ago, I too had pretty much given up on my facebook page too! It was languishing at 2000 likes and rarely got any comments or likes. I would just automatically share my posts to my facebook page when published and left it at that!

However, I’ve worked hard since then and have grown by page to almost 5000. More importantly though, I’ve focused each day on sharing relevant useful content to my page; and most of my posts get decent comments and shares.

In my latest video, I talk you through six simple things that can help with facebook engagement (watch below or here)

It’s also important to think about your Facebook page in an entity in itself and not just as a means of traffic. Not everything you post needs to link to your blog; you might just want to share other people’s videos, products you’ve spotted or facebook lives. Try to do this daily for consistency

By treating my facebook page as a separate entity, it has meant that when discussing potential collaboration with brands negotiating fees (more on that here and here); I can bring Facebook up as another option and I’ll often suggest a Facebook post instead of a full blog post.

I hope this blog post helps! I go into the topic in more detail in my ‘Blog Growth Toolkit’ (In which I dedicate a section to using Facebook to grow your traffic; with space to make notes and plan!).

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