Hi everyone! After the success of last week’s interview with Icelolly.com about travel blogging, today we turn to Every1 PR. I’ve worked with these ladies before and found them to be really lovely. They also seemed to know my blog inside out and I’ve seen them recommend my gut health content to other bloggers which is amazing! So I decided to pick their brains about what they look for in bloggers, the importance of stats and pricing! Make sure you join these ladies’ newsletter and send them an email. For more tips on emailing Prs, you can have a read of my blog post on pitching and my pitching toolkit!  You can also join my mailing list for exclusive weekly brand ops.

Q: Hi Ladies! Tell me a bit more about every 1 marketing- do you just work with blogger outreach? what brands do you represent?

Lauren: Every1 is a full service agency based in Preston. We offer clients digital marketing packages that include web design, CRO, SEO and Digital PR. We represent a range of different clients including FSB, Chemist4U & Simon Jersey.

Q:When did you start working with bloggers as part of your PR strategy and what was the decision behind that?

L: I started working with bloggers 6 years ago as an SEO Apprentice in the dark days of bulk link building. After seeing the worst kind of outreach, I now run the every1 outreach department and I like to take a more balanced approach that incorporates SEO and PR. Bloggers can help boost a brand’s online presence in multiple ways so it really is a no brainer for clients.

Hannah:  I’ve been working with bloggers for about a year now as an at every1. From what I’ve experienced, bloggers are really lovely to work with and great for boosting our client’s exposure online. The blogging network is growing bigger and stronger everyday through social media and the amazing blogs themselves! I think working with bloggers is only going to become more effective in the future.

Q:What kind of opportunities do you offer bloggers?

H: We mainly do sponsored post collaborations but we also work on creative campaigns with clients so we do product reviews, events, competitions. We are also starting our own blogger roundtable event for local bloggers to discuss industry news and get advice from us.

Q: Amazing! What do you look for in a blogger you work with?

L: This depends a lot on client requirements. If a client wants to boost the authority of their website we look for strong Domain Authority but, if they’d rather gain exposure then we look for bloggers who can offer an honest review and have a loyal following. I also love when I can have a good chat with a blogger or get completely engrossed reading their posts for an hour!

Q: I ask everyone this: Is it important for bloggers to have a niche?

H: Having a niche sometimes makes it slightly easier for us when working out which bloggers are best suited to our different projects with our brands. However, I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily important as some bloggers blog about several different things, making it hard to pinpoint a specific niche.

Q:Are stats everything? What stats do you focus the most on?

L:We check and record stats for each blogger we work with so while they are an important part of what we do, they certainly aren’t everything. We tend to check SEO metrics more than social but we also offer clients outreach packages with varying levels of metrics so they get to work with everyone from the micro-influencers to established bloggers.

Q:Tell me a bit more about your recent survey- what was the decision behind undertaking it?

L: We hear a lot of bloggers who have problems with brands and we didn’t see anyone else in the industry speaking about it. We wanted to hear from bloggers themselves – what do outreachers do that annoys you? We have plans to use the brilliant feedback we received to inform the industry on how to improve.

H: We decided to conduct the survey because our relationship with bloggers is really important to us and we wanted to ensure we’re doing the best we can. We also felt it was important for bloggers to be able to have their say. Plus, it makes our job easier knowing what we’re doing right/wrong and what we can improve!

Q: It was a great read! Do you think there’s still a huge issue with transparency about fees in blogging?

L: It is an issue but it’s a complex one. There is also the difference between what PRs and SEOs pay bloggers. If someone has a high Domain Authority but a low amount of Twitter followers then they are worth different amounts to different kinds of marketers.

Q: Do you welcome pitch emails from bloggers? What makes a good pitch in your opinion?

L: Yes! Absolutely. We do get up to 500 every month so I think the best advice I can give is to include all of the mundane technical details or fees that will catch our eye but also include some personality to stand out a little bit.

H: If I receive a pitch email I will always read it and research the blogger. They’re great as it means that you are visible online for people to find you but it’s also nice to hear from different people. Short and sweet pitch emails usually do the trick for me stating what the blogger is interested in and all the details we need. If a blogger emails me and I don’t have an opportunity for them at the time, I will save their details for another time and most likely email them when a relevant project comes up.

Q: Great advice! Have you ever had bad experiences with bloggers? What do you wish bloggers wouldn’t do?

L: Oh yeah, of course but thankfully they are few and far between. We had one where a blogger said they’d never received a product we’ve sent and we saw it in the background of one of their instagram posts!

Q: Oh gosh, that’s terrible! Why do people do this! On the whole, do you find us ‘micro’ influencers can be just as beneficial as big bloggers?

L: We actually very rarely work with ‘big’ bloggers. We see good results for clients from working with mostly micro influencers and I think their readership is often more engaged due the mix of sponsored and non-sponsored content. You feel like you can get to know a micro-influencer and therefore trust them. Besides, working with bigger bloggers agents can sometimes add another level of confusion!

Q:How can bloggers get in touch and discuss working with you?

H: Bloggers can get in touch via our Twitter page @every1PR. We also have a monthly email newsletter that you can sign up to here: http://bit.ly/2uFeKt0 and we are open to receiving emails too (hannah.r@helloevery1.com / lauren.h@helloevery1.com )

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  1. This was SUCH an interesting read – thank you! It’s great to hear that PR agencies are completely open to working with smaller bloggers and value good quality, honest reviews. Reading this interview has definitely given me a bit more confidence in terms of pitching myself to brands or PR reps!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

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