Reviewed:The new £5 blogging bundle you NEED in your life.


Hi all, I’m back today with a new post all about an amazing blogging bundle, that, believe it or not, you can buy for a fiver!

You might know already that I use the amazing Lyrical Host for all of my blogs’ hostings. I’ve talked about it in more detail in my blogging basics post but since switching from Siteground at the start of this year, I’ve been really impressed with them.

However, this post is not about that! Whether you use Lyrical Host or not, they’ve brought out an amazing blogging bundle to celebrate a milestone birthday and it can be yours for only a fiver! You might have seen a few bloggers mentioning this-so I decided to purchase it this evening (wild Saturday night!) and test it out so I could provide an in-depth review.

What is the Lyrical Host Birthday Bundle?

To celebrate their first birthday, Lyrical Host is offering a HUGE blogging bundle. And the best part is it’s ‘buy what YOU think it’s worth.’ So you can pay anything from a fiver to fifty pounds (or beyond) depending on what you think is a worthwhile price for it!

It’s worth noting that if you pay £30 or more, the company will make a donation to a women’s charity which is great to hear! But first of all, let’s look at what is on offer…

  • 100 Styled Stock Photos (White & Grey Wood Backgrounds)
  • ­ How To Update Older Blog Posts: A Checklist (PDF)
  • ­ 20 Ways To Increase Your Social Media Followers (PDF/Flipbook)
  • Take Your Blog From Good To Great (Mini Video Series)
  • The Practical Blog Stats Tracking Template (Spreadsheet)
  • Bumper List Of 170 Free & Paid Stock Photo Websites (PDF/Flipbook)
  • 25 Ideas For Your Next Facebook Live (PDF/Flipbook)
  • Happy Mandala Printable Coloring Sheets (6 PDFs In 3 Different Designs).

My Review

The thing I was most excited about (and the reason I purchased it to be honest) was the 100 stock photos-and they didn’t disappoint! Having three blogs means I’m always on the hunt for stock photos so to have 100 in a drop box was just perfect for me.

There’s a bundle of white background ones (like the one above and the one in my title image) as well some with a grey background (like the image you’ll see below) and then some with a coloured background too. There’s a really great mix-many of which have plenty of space to add your own text in Canva- and the stock images alone are worth way more than five pounds!

My next favourite resource is the ‘How to Update Older Blog Posts’ PDF checklist; which I’m definitely going to print out and stick to my office wall. I’m all about evergreen content and a LOT of my traffic has come from revamping old posts in the past but I’ve been a bit slack doing this lately! This PDF guides you through how to revamp a post to bring in the traffic.

After that, I know I’ll also use the blog tracking spreadsheet. It’s a 12-month spreadsheet to record your traffic, social following and DA- so you can follow the progression and track your goals! I have also already downloaded the colouring sheets as I have an IPad with the apple pencil and I’m always shocked how much the colouring apps cost-so these will be my next downtime project!

The mini-video series is a lovely collection of short, compact videos that you can watch when you just need five minutes away from blogging. They’re probably slightly more suited to new bloggers.

I have majorly dropped the ball with my facebook lives recently (I haven’t done one in ages) so I was excited to have a flick through the facebook live guide. Some of the ideas were much more suitable for Instagram stories/lives than Facebook lives in my opinion– I always feel like facebook lives need to be super specific (so I don’t think some of the prompts would work for me) whilst I love chatty Instagram stories. However, I really need to start growing a presence on Instagram so I think I’m going to use these prompts to do daily stories (or IGTV-is anyone even using that now?)

In the interest of honesty,  I didn’t think the ‘20 ways to increase your social following’ ebook was particularly revolutionary and it was my least favourite item. But that could be because I’ve already read a lot of resources with taking part on Emma Drew’s course and buying last year’s Ultimate Blogger’s Toolkit so it just felt like nothing new.

Is it worth it?

As it’s a ‘pay what it’s worth’ bundle, I’m going to be really honest here and admit I just put in the lowest amount as I wasn’t sure what I’d use or if I’d like the photos.

I feel a bit bad now as I do think it is worth WAY more than five pounds but I keep buying things and then feeling a bit let down! This was not the case here at all!

I’m not going to tell you how much to pay yourself- I don’t think it necessarily justifies a fifty-pound price tag; but I’ve paid more just for stock photos in the past so there is no question this bundle is worth much more than a fiver. I’ll let you decide…

You can buy the Lyrical Host bundle here  (this is an affiliate link) and whilst you’re there I would honestly take a look at their hosting plans too. I really have found them a fantastic hosting company and they’re designed solely for bloggers too! You can get 10% off all hosting plans by entering the code BLOGLANCER.

This is NOT a sponsored post-I purchased the bundle myself and reviewed it off my own back. It does contain affiliate links.


  1. September 2, 2018 / 8:58 pm

    Hi Jenna, this sounds great, thanks for highlighting. You mentioned you switched from Siteground – I’m using them now, I wondered if you’d had issues with them? Thanks

    • The Bloglancer
      September 16, 2018 / 4:17 pm

      yes i did have issues Laura! It was only after I’d been with them for years though! I was getting more traffic and my site kept going down all the timE!

  2. September 9, 2018 / 3:39 pm

    thank you very much for the review – I think it’s very good value for what you get too, the stock photos are great quality too – very good advice for newish bloggers like me. So pleased to find your blog and all the useful articles.
    Love Bec x

    • The Bloglancer
      September 16, 2018 / 4:16 pm

      thanks bec!

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