Reviewed: The future is freelance by Kirsty Hulse

I really enjoy writing book reviews and have recently been on the hunt for titles about freelancing in particular (so if you have any recommendations, do let me know!) A few months ago, I reviewed Emma Ganon’s The Multi-Hyphen method and today I’m reviewing another title: The Future is Freelance by Kirsty Hulse.

What is it?

The Future is Freelance is part passionate plea about why freelancing is so bloody brilliant (I wholeheartedly concur) and part practical guide for those looking to take the leap. It covers all sorts of practical topics such as Imposter Syndrome, Creating a Workplace, Taking Downtime, Dealing with Failures and more. Woven in is Kirsty’s own personal story of quitting her job to work for herself and everything she dealt with along the way-which I really enjoyed!

What’s good about it?

The book begins with Kirsty sat at her kitchen table; admitting to being slightly tipsy and having no idea how to write a book. As someone who has written a book themselves and still doesn’t know how she did it, I immediately warmed to Kirsty. I loved her own personal story about how she fell into freelancing; without all of the checklists, many of us are told to follow. She explains how she had no insurance and no savings as a safety net but suddenly found herself pitching for a contract-and won.

I loved that story, and whilst I wouldn’t encourage anyone to quit their job and the drop of their hat-it reminded me how many of us do end up falling into freelancing; without necessarily having a five-year plan.

As someone who suffers from imposter’s syndrome at times, I really loved Kirsty’s (many) humorous stories about all the successes and pitfalls of freelancing-it felt like someone was in the room chatting with me! I personally learn best by reading about others examples rather than lots of to-do lists so this was perfect for me!

I also loved how Kirsty takes a more holistic approach to looking at the topic of freelancing. Not everything in this book is purely business orientated; Kirsty talks about things like meditation, not letting work consume you and making sure you remember to eat! (something I’ve never struggled with myself!)

What I didn’t like about it?

There’s not much I didn’t like about it, to be honest. My only comment would be it’s just all text. Some books I’ve read might have pages for you to make notes or complete quizzes or checklists. I personally never end up using those spaces anyway-so it’s no big deal for me! But others who prefer a more practical workbook might find it frustrating.

Verdict+Where can you buy the Future is Freelance?

I honestly really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to fellow (or aspiring freelancers). I loved hearing Kirsty’s personal journey and this book really does cover all aspects of freelance life!

You can buy the Future is Freelance from Amazon and it’s currently priced at £11.99.

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