A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be sent a handbag by Mia Tui. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time: as I’ve been massively struggling when taking trips to London and meeting my blogging pals for a day of co-working in Birmingham. It got to the point when I booked a massage after my last trip to the capital-as a day trying to lug my laptop, notebooks, food (since I’m gluten and dairy-free) and various chargers in a bag that wasn’t suitable had wrecked my back and neck.

In my opinion, there’s a massive market for handbags that look beautiful but also double up as functional work bags. I’ve tried with plain, sturdy laptops over the years and I’ve alternated between my handbag and tote bags; but as soon as the Mia Tui Elise arrived; I just knew I had found my freelancing handbag for life!

I’ve taken this bad boy everywhere over the past few weeks and am completely in love with it: from hospital appointments (great if you have lots of paperwork and prescriptions like me) to meetings to days out. I opted for the new rose gold colour-and at first was worried it might seem a bit too over the top for everyday; but as you can see, it’s a beautiful muted shade.

The thing that I’m most excited about is the bags practicality. As demonstrated by my handy diagram.

The reason I’ve gone into teacher mode and provided an annotated diagram is I just wanted to show how functional this bag really is. When I’ve been looking for a bag, I’ve never known how roomy it is until it arrived. So, with the Mia Tui Elise you get…

  • ample laptop space (I have a google chromebook and you can see there is room to spare here!)
  • A dedicated space for water bottles-no more leakage.
  • A slot with a free plastic wallet; big enough for keys and mobile phones.
  • A second slot which comes with a gorgeous matching purse.
  • A zip slot on the outside of the bag.

This has literally changed my life! First of all, the plastic wallet is SUCH a simple idea but it has saved me so much time. Everytime I go out, I make sure my keys are in the wallet so there’s no rooting around (and as it’s clear I don’t even need to open it to check). I also store all those bits of paper in here that I’d otherwise lose: parking tickets, prescription forms etc. No more panicking over whether I’ve lost my keys!

The water bottle holder is also amazing! No more leaks! Although I just wish it was a bit bigger. It holds a regular plastic bottle but I’ve recently started using a Hydratem8 water tracker-and it’s just a little too big for that.

The only thing I haven’t used yet is the matching wallet-I imagine this would be great when travelling as it’s the perfect size to stash your passport and travel documents.

I’m so grateful for Mia Tiu sending me this because it’s the bag I’ve been looking for since I went freelance last year. What’s more, it’s made from vegan leather and they’ve also teamed up with Disability Campaigner and Actress Samantha Renke-as their bag is wheelchair friendly too!

As well as gifting me a bag for review, the lovely folks at Mia Tui are offering my readers the chance to win an Elise bag in a colour of their choice (subject to stock availability). Enter via Rafflecopter below-and good luck!

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122 comments on “The ultimate freelancing handbag (and WIN your own)”

  1. I’m actually a bit in love with the rose gold colour ✨😍 heard a lot of good things about these bags and I’d love a good bag that I can carry my laptop in when im on my travels and meeting freelance clients (the few that I have so far!)

    Francesca x | glutenfreehorizons.com

  2. I really liked the features of this bag and I feel it would hugely benefit me in my daily life, as I always have notebooks and journals with me and I often like to take my laptop with me to work on the go.

  3. I too shared the same frustration about finding a bag capable of carrying my laptop, while still looking nice. Mia Tui make such functional, pretty bags. The Elise looks fab!

  4. The space to fit my laptop!! My current bag doesn’t have enough room, so I have to carry around a separate laptop bag!

  5. Hey Jenna!!
    This bag is absolutely stunning, you would definitely look the business when going to a meeting wearing this bad boy!! 😎
    If i had the chance to use this bag i would literally go out to every cafe to work! I mean you’d have to show it off wouldn’t you?! Just simply gorgeous.
    So pleased it’s helped you out so much Jenna love things that are stylish & practical! Xoxo

  6. This looks like such an awesome bag! As someone who has used handbags in college for the last three years, I completely agree with you: finding one that is functional and is practically designed is hard. I’ve been through so many in these last few years, and honestly? A lot of them have gone to rubbish after a few months.

    I’m about to go into freelancing full time and this bag would be the perfect way to stay organised when meeting a client in person, or when I need the motivation of a coffee shop to spark my productivity. Executive dysfunction because of autism means that I really struggle to be organised, so having client information/my everyday things organised would be super helpful!

    I have a lacrosse intolerance, so I’m usually carrying my own food/drink around and a bag that has room for both would be amazing in my everyday life!

    I love that they’re disability friendly! I’m not a wheelchair user myself, but as a disabled person, I love it when people go out of their way to make “normal” products accessible! They seem like a super ethical brand from what I’ve seen on here and on their Instagram!

  7. I’m just about to start work so this definitely would be useful! Can fit all my gluten free snacks in but still have room for other bits! Also love that it’s vegan

  8. The bag would really help me out! Now Im on placement again in a community hospital I find myself lugging around a folder with all my books I need signing by my mentor and im forever scared my water bottle is going to leak all over them! Its stylish too 🙂

  9. It would make my life so much easier to have everything in one bag. I travel from workplace to workplace everyday to work with apprentices and am always carrying multiple bags. Also, love the rose gold!

  10. One of these bags would make my life so much easier. Everything in one bag rather than multiple bags which I have at the moment. Travelling from workplace to workplace everyday to work with apprentices means I am always carrying laptop, folders etc as well as a handbag. Also, love the rose gold colour!

  11. Just had a good old snoop at their website & insta! I’m not usually a handbag type of person, but this bag seems so practical! Very reasonably priced & vegan too!! It would be fabulous for the days where I’m able to go and work away from home, or day trips out so that I can take all my medical stuff, and sketchbooks around with me.

  12. I love this bag! Rose gold is one of my favorite colors, and it is so versatille. I carry a lot around with me-as a student, freelancer, and blogger-so to have a bag like this would be really useful, 😀

  13. It would help me having the different compartments- every day I search for my car keys, my ID badge my notebook and phone . My huge bag is like a tardis as it has no separate compartments- this bag would be perfect for me and I love the colours

  14. Such a versatile colour which would suit any outfit. I love that it is both stylish and has so much space that saves me carrying more than one bag and can easily fit my laptop and everything else!

  15. My working day involves lots of notes and small pieces of paper that need to be carried around – what a stylish way to do it!

  16. miatui Silver Lottie is a great choice for an across body bag for me as I like to have 2 free hands to get on and off of the train each day for work

  17. Anything that enables me to carry my laptop around all day as well as looking stylish is a winner in my book! I love working away in cafes but taking a rucksack with me is so cumbersome – this bag looks like the ideal alternative xx

  18. I have to take a couple of train journeys per week but none of my bags are ever big enough to fit my laptop and I’m always lugging two or three bags around London. It’s a nightmare! This would be the answer to my prayers!

  19. This bag is gorgeous😻 It would be perfect for working in the City Centre, I live smack bang in the middle of Glasgow and a commute friendly yet gorgeous bag isn’t always easy to come by!

  20. I love this bag! It’s absolutely gorgeous. Having all of the different compartments is so useful and something I struggle to find with bags now for some reason. It would be great for holidays and day trips, I love to take my phone and camera out with me for lots of blog photos! x

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  21. if i was fortunate enough to win, i would give the bag to my wife. Hopefully this would help to stop the frequent searches for misplaced car keys.

  22. Would help me out, as I would be able to carry more, in one place, instead of having a couple of bags, plus this bag is very chic

  23. Such a good prize! I’ve had to cart my laptop about with me all weekend as I was working-while-traveling, and it was murder on my back. Could really use one of these, thanks Jenna!

  24. This would be so good for trekking around with my laptop and keeping me organised! The key pocket is particularly useful as I lost my keys for 2 weeks, they were at the bottom of my bag haha

  25. My trusted Longchamp LePliage is on the way out and I’m wondering whether to just buy a new one or one of these because one big problem I have with it is I lose the world and its cousin in it. My mother has pockets for everything but this seems like a good compromise between my style and turning into her as I grow older!

  26. As a freelancer, I am always on the lookout for a good bag that actually fits a laptop. The bottle holder is a genius idea, it always makes me nervous having liquids near my MacBook!

  27. A bag like this with lots of lovely compartments looks wonderful! I hate having to remove everything to the pen that has detached itself from my note book or my keys when i get back to the car. Love the rose gold too

  28. This bag sounds great, so roomy. The plastic wallet would be a godsend. I can’t count the amount of time I’ve wasted rummaging through my bag trying to find my keys

  29. This would save me taking numerous bags to work containing lunch, book, laptop and essential items – love the colour too

  30. Not for work for me but ideal for holidays especially when you are only allowed one piece of hand luggage on some flights

  31. I don’t drive and as a paranoid person I carry almost everything everywhere! This looks perfect for me, and it looks good too!

  32. Loving that colour and design. This would help me organise all my bag clutter. At the moment, my bag is more like the never ending bag from Mary Poppins – you never know what you’re going to find at the bottom of it.
    All those pockets and extras are a dream to someone like me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. The bag would help me to get throught the working day by giving me some beautiful eye candy to ogle and lift my spirits – then, everyone wins, because I will be in a much more productive frame of mind xx

  34. To be honest it is the size that appeals. Im always carrying so much stuff either for work (laptop, phone, notebook, purse etc) or for the kids (drinks, snacks,pretty pebble they can’t live without) it would be great to have a bag that accommodates it all. And it looks great to!

  35. It would be great to keep me organised, stylish and perfect for taking everything to my hospital appointments.

  36. This bag would be so helpfull as it has space and a place to keep everything organised and easy to find.

  37. I always seem to have to dig around to find anything often emptying things out would definitely help me be more organized!

  38. Fabulous giveaway, bag not only stylish but would allow me to carry everything I need. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  39. Must spend a lot of my time looking for my keys, as I have the shop keys and my house keys so the plastic wallet will come in handy. I also like the idea of the water bottle holder too.

  40. This bag is great! Stylish but also able to take my laptop and notebooks around with me without it being hugely obvious. I especially love the bottle holder too as it will help keep my bottle upright and minimise any spills.

  41. They are functional, practical & gorgeous! Hard to find a bag that does everything, this would be perfect for keeping all my belongings organised and to hold my laptop too

  42. I’d love this for taking to work with me, it is a classy bag, it can organise myself with my bus and train and work pass, purse, mobile phone and cash and cards. I need to have things organised to make my day run smoother, with everything in its place – no more standing on the bus looking for my pass.

  43. I’m out and about sometimes from the office and usually have three bags with me… My handbag, my laptop bag and my paperwork bag! This bag sounds perfect for me!

  44. My Macbook goes everywhere with me so this would be perfect for a stylish bag which would also keep it protected.

  45. It would help as everything has its own space, I’m constantly ruffling through trying to find one thing, half the time I end up tipping the contents out and finding things that way, my current bag is chaos if I’m honest

  46. the bag would help me as I can put everything in there looks like there is plenty of room for all my books and paperwork x

  47. What a gorgeous bag! This would be perfect for carrying all the notebooks and paperwork I need for work! And my trusty coffee cup of course!

  48. Im a carer and mum so it will be great to keep all our bits in we have lots of appointments so great for keeping paperwork safe too, loving the rose gold beautiful colour

  49. This would help my working day
    As there’s a place for everything
    & everything in it’s place
    I love the clear pouch for keys
    As fumbling around doesn’t suit me
    It’s spacious enough for everything I need
    Notebook laptop water bottle & more I think
    Maybe even the kitchen sink
    I love to be organised
    As it lessens stress & saves precious time
    Now on to the way it looks
    It looks lavish & pretty & off the hook
    It reminds me of a Mary Poppins bag
    I’d expect to pull out a gat stand
    I love the colour & the style
    & it’s definitely versatile
    I could even use it as a changing g bag
    & if I win i’ll be more than glad
    So here’s hoping your winner is me & ♡Thanks for the opportunity♡

  50. It would be perfect for organising all my tatt that I carry around. Thanks for the chance to be your lucky winner

  51. It would help me out when I travel to put my passport inside. It would help me daily when I go to family functions, as well.

  52. I think this bag would be fab – not only would it hold everything I need but I would also know where everything was with the pockets and compartments x

  53. Great to keep me organised whilst at hospitals having chemotherapy treatment and to keep everything I need in

  54. I work from home but sometimes venture out if I can. The bag would be fab for the days where I get out. Lots of space to put the essentials but not a massive cumbersome bag like some.

  55. This bag would help me so much – stylish to help me look polished, big so I can fit in all the paperwork, ipad and all the other clutter I must have with me!

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