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Today I wanted to blog about a really exciting project that I’ll soon be a part of. Anyone who reads my blog will know just how passionate I am about self-employed life. I.LOVE.IT. But, when starting out, I didn’t feel particularly equipped to deal with so many of the questions around owning your own business. Such as…

  • How should I find customers and paid work?
  • How can I set up several different income streams?
  • How do I market myself without sounding like an idiot?
  • Should I get someone to do those fiddly bits I hate-or does that make me sound like a diva?

So much of the advice out there centers around big corporations that there’s little out there for those of us going it alone in other ways:whether it’s around your full-time job or starting out alone without a big boost of cash sitting in your bank account.

The only way I learnt these things were good old fashioned trial and error-and it did feel as if there were a lot of stumbling blocks along the way! A year on  and Epson have invited me to be part of their amazing line-up of free, practical business events in their new co-working space next month.

About The Epson Co-Working Space

In the middle of Covent Garden (21 Long Acre to be exact) lies the new Epson pop-up space. They’ve set up shop there for September and October to showcase their range of Epson EcoTanks:a range of cartridge-free printers which promise to help small businesses slash their printing costs (seriously-there’s NO cartridges needed!)

I was actually lucky enough to visit their co-working space at the start of this month (that’s me in the blue dress!) to learn more about it all-and can’t wait to return again!

As well as showing off their printers, anyone can nip along to the co-working space to work for free-whether it’s for ten minutes or the whole day. As you can see it’s equipped with plenty of comfy chairs, space to work, plugs and of course-a few Instagrammable backdrops (hello gold bar stools)

About My Free Events

I’ll be working with Epson to deliver two free practical workshops in the co-working space next month. First up, I am going to be talking about everything you need to know to building a new business pipline In other words, I’m going to chat about…

  • How to protect your income by finding lots of different income streams
  • How to use things like your newsletter, linked in and social media to find clients-and turn them into paid work.
  • How to get your name out there and promote yourself!
  • How to outsource to improve your productivity.

Basically every single thing I’ve learnt about being self-employed! The event takes place on Tuesday 2nd October between 6-8pm. It’s completely free-and if you’re around earlier, why not nip by and do some work from their co-working space too? (I’m sure I’ll be there and would love to meet you!) There’s literally everything you need to work away from home.

My next event (which takes place the following week- I’ll share more about in another post)will be about another of my favourite topics: GETTING PAID! More specifically, how to make sure you get paid on time, what to do if you don’t and all things money, expenses, invoicing and more. That takes place on Wednesday 10th October between 6-8pm. More info here

I can’t wait to see you all at the event, and if you’re in London at any time over the next month or two, do pop down and visit the working space for yourself!

This is a collaborative post with Epson.

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