The Blogger Course Review (and discount code!): How to turn your blog into a job in 2019

Happy New Year! And welcome to my first post of 2019! Many of us set blogging goals and resolutions around this time of year-so today I thought I’d chat about mine as well as a pretty revolutionary course I started a month or two that will hopefully help make them happen!

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t usually sign up to lots of blogging courses. In fact, I’ve only ever really done one-Emma Drew’s Turn Your Blog Into Riches Course. That was well over a year ago now and I felt it was time to do a little bit more studying and really focus on what I wanted to achieve with my blogs in 2019.

I actually met Monica, who runs The Blogger Course, back when my blog was much smaller (And this one didn’t exist!). It was on a blogging retreat in 2016 and after listening to her workshop on making money from your blog, I was hooked! It was that year that I started to take my blog more seriously.

So when I found out she’d launched a course, I knew it would be full of value! I didn’t sign up immediately as I still wasn’t sure what direction I was taking my blogs-but towards the end of last year, I decided to jump in, sign-up and start working towards my goals.

My Blogging Goals for 2019

One thing I really like about Monica’s course is that it’s not really aimed at beginners. A great advantage of Emma Drew’s course which I’ve blogged about before (So if you’re just starting out, I’d still recommend that one) is that a chunk of it covers things like setting up a blog, coming up with a name and getting started. It’s very useful but it’s not something I personally needed.

So when I saw Monica was aiming her course specifically at bloggers who had already set up their blogs, were fairly established and were earning but needed specific guidance around taking traffic into the big leagues and turning the few hundred pounds of income here and there into a consistent, full-time wage; I know that’s what I needed!

Entering the course, I specifically wanted to focus on:

–Coming up with a content plan for The Bloglancer to post way more regularly and earn affiliate income/ebook sales from it.

I want it to be known as one of the ‘go-to’ blogs for blogging and freelancing! I love writing this blog but am not always consistent in things like sending out my newsletter and updating as I still see it as my ‘second blog’ a little. I definitely want to work on a proper posting plan and direction.

Boosting traffic on old posts and upping my ad revenue on A Balanced Belly. As well as readdressing my niche.

I have already blogged about how this year I reached Mediavine levels for my main blog: A Balanced Belly. This was a huge achievement for me-but when you join, you also join a Facebook group course. I started to realise I was really small fry compared to many in the group; who earn a full-time income just from ads (Where I earn around $200 on a great month). Being pregnant means my blog direction has changed slightly-so I want to work on making it really clear who my audience are and how I can best help them!

The Blogger Course: My Review

So let’s talk about my review! I signed up and paid the amount (£150) in full-but I know that Monica is also offering monthly installments of £25 (for 6 months) which I really like. I know investing in a course is a massive thing and that makes things much more achievable.

Once I’d got access, I was so excited as there is just SO MUCH content included in the course. Honestly, that was my first thought: THERE’S JUST SO MUCH STUFF TO DIG INTO! It is offered in text or MP3 format and each part comes with a printable too. What’s more, no modules that felt like filler or fluff-we jumped right in with the first chapter being all about analysing your competitors (why have I never thought of this), the fundamentals of a successful blog, branding and design. There was literally so much value just in the first chapter.

The idea is you are ‘drip-fed’ the content on a weekly basis-but I knew I was too impatient to wait 12 weeks to digest it all! After chapter 1, I was hooked!

I think the weekly idea is perfect if you are doing around a full-time job, but my freelance work was finishing around the 18th/19th December and I knew I wanted to use the week before Christmas and leading up to Jan to revamp my blogs. So I asked Monica if I could be given access to the whole course in one go so I could really get to grips with it before that time. To give you an idea of the content, here are just some of the modules you’ll study….

The Blogger Course Review: Modules You’ll Take…

–Assessing your competition.

–Using reader surveys to get ideas for content.

–Finding and making passive income from your specific niche.

–How to use Pinterest to gain tons of traffic

–Working with brands: pitching, creating reports, upselling and more.

—Advanced affiliate marketing

—Press trips: How to get on them, how to approach them and how to earn from them.

—Tips on productivity and growing a blog on your lunch break

—Doubling your traffic.

You can find a complete list before signing up for the course here but I wanted to mention them as it will hopefully give you an idea of whether you are the right audience for the course. When I saw the full list, it really spoke to me and I like Monica’s idea of giving her course a ‘niche’. All these topics are specifically for bloggers like me: who already have the basics in place and are ready to get really serious! Just to clarify, my biggest reservation was that the course was just for travel bloggers-since this is Monica’s blog niche.

However, she was 100% correct when she explained that it wasn’t niche-specific. There is one module on press trips-which was still useful to me; after all, who doesn’t want to go on press trips!-but that’s the only one related to travel blogging specifically.

The Blogger Course Review: My Verdict

I’ve absolutely devoured this course over the past few weeks and I keep going back for more. There are twelve chapters (with about 5 modules in each) and each comes with the text, MP3 and downloads. I don’t really listen to the MP3s as I prefer to just read through it all on my IPad and make notes but I feel I have learnt so much.

That seems crazy, as having a blog on the topic of blogging-you would think I would not have much left to learn. I know that seems a bit arrogant; but I have not seen many courses targetted to more of an advanced ‘readership’ so sometimes I feel I read the same tips over and over again.

I had definitely felt as if I had ‘peaked’ a bit before the course; I was happy with my blogs but traffic was pretty stable, wasn’t really growing and I didn’t have as much direction as I liked or ideas to take it further.

Now I have a whole notebook full of ideas for content, lots of actionable steps and I’m feeling much clearer on my overall strategy for both blogs. I’ve already got quite a bit of blogging work lined up for Jan-and whilst I can’t attribute that itself to the course: it did empower me with tips on negotiating fees and coming up with different ideas for sponsored content. I used Monica’s tips on upselling too to great effect!

Another point to add is the coursecomes with an attached facebook group which is actually incredibly useful. I know there’s a lot of facebook groups but this one is so active and Monica seems to be in there every day; so you’re essentially getting advice from her too. I posted a question about my niche the other day and got so much feedback!

If you want to take your blog seriously in 2019, then this is the course for you. However, you need to already have a blog and content in place and be dedicated to knuckle down and get to grips with your content. If you are content on blogging for a hobby and largely for yourself, then don’t read this! If you are of the belief ‘blog for yourself, that’s all the matters’ then this isn’t for you either. I’ve been harping on for ages that you need to see blogging as a business and think strategically-and this course does exactly that!

You can buy the course here  by paying in full or either 3 payments of £50/6 payments of £25. and all my readers get 10% off with the code THEBLOGLANCER10 

I hope you find it as valuable as I did!

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