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A few months ago, I attended an event with Vikings- aimed at freelancers and full-time bloggers who worked from home. The aim was to educate us all about making healthy choices during our working day. Something I know is important, but still, I find myself skipping lunch, hunching over my laptop and just not getting enough exercise outdoors.


Photography: first stop was the juice bar. If you know about my first blog- A Balanced Belly– then you’ll know I juice often. But it was still really interesting to chat with the guys about the best recipes and how juices can keep you hydrated throughout the day. It gave me a reminder to keep up my juicing habits- especially when I need an energy boost around midday!

After that, we managed to grab a sit down and I chatted with some fellow bloggers. I love events that let you chat informally with others- and it’s always great to put names to faces!


Then we were guided through the main reason we were there: to learn about sit-stand desks. I’ve always been really curious about these and we learnt about how they impact your posture and keep you active during the day. I imagined it would be quite bulky so I was surprised to see it actually would slot in well to my current desk set up- and could be adapted should I be ready for a sit down!


It’s thought sit-stand desks can do everything from increases your blood circulation, help with eye strain concentration, metabolic rate and energy, which in turn help regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, body weight and stress.

Impressive stuff but given I’m so fidgety, I’m just not sure how long I’d last standing up. I’d love to hear from any freelancers who do this and how they make it work?

Finally, we were also given a little session on how to do simple stretches at our desk- this was my favourite part of the day and the suggestions were so easy to slot in around your desk.

The event left me super-motivated to build in breaks during my workday- whether it was to stand, juice or stretch!


Thanks very much to Vikings for inviting me to this event. You can learn more about their sit-stand desks here.

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