Hey, it’s ok…(the blogger version)

Hi all. So today’s post is inspired from one of my favourite parts of the old Glamour magazine (sob, I loved that publication!) I used to love their ‘hey, it’s ok…‘ section (which reassured readers that it’s okay to do things other might say weren’t acceptable!) and thought it was about time we had one about blogging too! All those things we’re told not to do but actually I think we should go ahead and do them if we’d like! Thank you to some of the lovely ladies in my blogging facebook group for sharing their tips too.

Hey, it’s ok…

1.  If you forget to update your blog, send out your weekly newsletter or go ‘off theme’ on your Instagram. No one has probably noticed other than you.

2. To check your traffic all the time and be gutted when it’s low. Because actually, traffic does matter (read my traffic growth tips here) for most of us. It’s ok to want good numbers and have goals!

3. To start a blog on the sole basis of running it as a business. It doesn’t make your intentions less pure, it just shows you’re business savvy!



4. If you’re over blogger events. Some blogger events are amazing, but some leave a lot to be desired. Be choosy-you don’t have to go to something just because you’ve been invited.

5. To attempt to do a classic Instagram shot to boost engagement (I’m talking copper mugs with a flower wall and a stack of pancakes) then feel a bit of an idiot. But then do it again. The algorithm makes us do crazy things.


6.If you write a blog post because you’ll know it’ll do well in the traffic stakes, instead of it being a topic you truly love. I mean don’t go completely off-topic or use clickbait, but it’s okay to have a mix of passion-led and traffic-led, SEO optimised posts.

7. If you don’t know who many of the big bloggers are. Or you think some of them are actually quite annoying. Because perhaps they are. It doesn’t make you less supportive, you don’t need to like everyone.

8. If you don’t get Pinterest but everyone else keeps going about it. Pinterest has been great for my blog but it doesn’t work for everyone. If it’s not working for you, ignore it and focus on what does.

9.If you use stock images because you can’t be arsed to faff around with flatlays. 

10.If you go from ‘I’ve made it’ to ‘Literally nobody reads my blog’ on a daily basis.  Depending on the state of your inbox or your ever-changing follower count.


11.If you feel like blogging is a proper job even if you haven’t earned a single penny yet. (Thanks Amanda from Mummy 2 Twindividuals for that one). All businesses start without earning at first-why is yours any different?

12. To shout about the first time you get a sponsored deal (Thanks Sarah from The Gluten-Free Blogger for this one). Be proud of that #ad status.


13. To panic the moment you press submit on a sponsored post. What if nobody reads it? What if I’m a fraud? *runs to check google analytics*

14.If none of your friends or family understands what blogging is and what you do as a job (Thanks Laura from Mum on A Mission for this one)

15.If you say, ‘actually it wasn’t free, I had to work for it.’ (Thanks Emma from Free From Farmhouse for this one) Can we stop calling things freebies?

16. Say no. (Thanks Frances from Whinge Whinge Wine for this one). It’s not ungrateful to say no or to ask for proper compensation for what you do (this video on setting your rates might help!)


17. To go somewhere, plan loads of content around it and suddenly not feel like vlogging it, photographing it or Instagram-storying it. (Thanks to Fiona from From Fiona for this one). It still happened without your camera.

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  1. July 18, 2018 / 4:47 am

    Ive never had anyone say anything about monetising a blog….its my job. It earns me fab money. No one ever questions that!!

    Great post Jenna. Bet it gets good traffic?

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