Do you ever feel like blogging takes up so much of your time, despite only posting once or twice a week? Long are the days when bloggers just poured out their feelings to a laptop (AKA Carrie in Sex and the City) and the readers flocked to them- now we have to work for our readership. This includes everything from promotion, to blog maintenance to replying to comments. It can often seem the admin that comes with blogging is far more time consuming than the blog writing itself.

Today I’m sharing 30 ways to improve your blog- each of these tasks only ten minutes or less, perfect for tackling your blog to-do list in bite size chunks. You can also print off this as a PDF worksheet at the end of the post.

1.Check for broken links.  Use a broken link checker to suss out whether you have any broken links- lots of these could bring your DA score right down and create a very messy blog. Make a note of any links that are broken and come back to them another day.