The Christmas lull is common in the blogging world-everything’s winding down, budgets have long been spent and ‘The out of offices’ are on! It can be frustrating for bloggers as there’s likely to be fewer campaigns and money can be tight. It can also leave us short of inspiration; since we’ve spent so much time planning our Christmas content it’s hard to think beyond that.

Today I wanted to offer some of my suggestions on how to keep proactive during these quiet periods to make sure your blog keeps ticking over and money is coming in.

1. Start planning out a passive income project.

I know that sounds incredibly American but it doesn’t have to be complicated-and passive income is a fab back-up during quiet periods. This can be as simple as a low priced download or a more extensive e-course. Read through your blog and think about: what is the one question I’m being asked or keep answering? And create a simple low priced download to answer it! my case, I kept being asked about working with brands so I used a Canva to create a simple pitching ebook

I would 100% recommend listening to this podcast about passive income-which inspired me to get started. I also use Payhip to sell my passive income product-and it really is very simple to do!

I also love this blog post about setting actionable goals, which I’ll be applying to my next passive income product! 

2. Add affiliate links to old content

Use google analytics to see which of your Christmas content is popular – and add some affiliate links; even if the content is years old! I recently did this on an old ‘Dairy Free Advent Calendars’ post and earned an extra £20 in Affiliate Income! One thing that Emma Drew (more on her course here) taught me was that going back to old posts and linking to relevant, free Amazon ebooks is a great idea-yes you won’t earn an income from them but any purchases made within 24 hours of clicking a link will track-so they might end up doing their Christmas shopping a few hours later!

3. Pitch ideas ahead

Start coming up with ideas for January content and if you’re feeling motivated, start pitching them! Popular ideas for January are always topical like Veganuary, Dry January or anything health and goals related.


4. Work on your portfolio


apple, computer, cupOne thing I talked about in my blogging to freelance writing post is the importance of a portfolio. So use this time to go through all of the writing you’ve done and create one (I use Journo Portfolio). Make sure it’s linked to on your blog and twitter bio (you could do this through a pinned post)

5. Read up!

I am a massive fan of personal development and there are lots of books out there to help you and your blog. So get 2018 off to a great start by doing some reading in quiet blogging periods.

Some of my favourites are…

My very own pitching to brands ebook

Blogging Your Way to Riches

The Million Dollar Blog

6. Go through your inbox

Be proactive and go through your inbox! Firstly, you might find something that slipped through the net-but if not, use the time to create a database of all PRs you’ve worked with before. Now either send them a follow-up email to see if they need any help with last minute xmas projects or keep them ready for January 1st-where you’ll be fully prepared to get ready to pitch!

I hope you found this blog post helpful. This will be my last The Bloglancer post until after to Christmas but I’ll back with lots of tips to make 2018 your best blogging year yet!

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